"I Did Not Want To Win"

This is a comment attributed to Donald Trump after he became President. I do not know for sure if
he said it but I do believe he did.

Yes faithful followers (your cheques should be in the mail soon), I have to speak out and add my
voice to the thousands wondering what is going on.

There are so many things wrong with that comment that it is hard to get started.


How can you run for the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth and not want to win?
Did he have a slow weekend? Did he get a little flyer in the mail which said "Check this box if you
would like to be President of the United States of America", checked the box on a whim, then won?
That would be like the Pope saying - "You know, it has been a long hard road getting here ... but I
really did not want to be the Pope."

Now, if I got a flyer that said "Check here if you would like to make love to all of the Miss America
contestants from a year of your choice, and I checked the box, and I won, I can guarantee I would
not say "I did not want to win". I might get through one, maybe two of them, and then they would be
laying me to rest under a headstone proclaiming "His last words were - I'm Coming". And no church
lady, I would not have been talking about coming home to Jesus ... although I probably would have
mentioned his name a few times.


Does he really believe that a person with enough on the ball to blow their own nose would
actually believe him? The scary part, I'm sure, is that he doesn't care who believes him.
The scariest part is ... I think a lot of Americans do believe him.


Even if it was true that he did not want to win ... why the hell would he say it in public when he is
the big chief? If you are running your own reality show and you want to say the most idiotic thing that
came to mind ... Who Cares! It probably boosts ratings. Unfortunately, the Presidency is not a reality
show ... I don't think ... at least I hope not.

BUTT - the scariest thing about Donald Trump is - How could the American public elect him in the
first place? Okay - there is one possible scarier thing - I would not be surprised if he ran again and
won again. Have aliens quietly taken over the US of A?

And now that Mr. Trump has me reading the news again  ... I am beginning to have serious questions about Mr. Trudeau. He is a lot slicker but what is he actually doing behind the scenes? In the past, we never had to worry about politicians doing anything except try to get re-elected. Canada and the USA  were quite capable of running themselves. Now I am not so sure. I am afraid I'm going to have to actually start paying attention to politics - something I have avoided like a plague up to now. Do I think I can help? Of course not! But hey - it beats watching re-runs.

God Bless The Red White and Blue :)

Whitemouth Willey

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