Help - I have lost my brain !!!

Okay - are you with me so far ???

I do not know why this is happening to me.  And I do not know if it is good or bad.  AND - I do not know if I care.

Every since I was a young fella - I have loved reading. Mystery, mayhem, intrigue, science fiction - I loved it all.

Now - for the first time in my life - I have the time to read and a great source of free books. Bless the Whitemouth RM Library :))

BUTT - a problem has developed to mar this pleasant phase of my life.

Many times I fall asleep while I am reading. Which would be okay if my brain would realize the old eyes are closed and therefore not bringing in any new info. But it doesn't. So - it starts making up the story as  I snore away in my chair.

This would be okay except the old brain bundle at some point realizes that the current part of the story does not make sense with what has happened previously in the real story. It decides to go back and check out the incongruities.

BUTT - the old brain ball has not figured out how to do that yet since the eyes are closed and I probably slept through the previous part anyway.

So I wake up and now have to pick my book up off the floor and try to figure out where I left off before I fell asleep.

My question is .... do you know where I left my keys?


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