God - Religion - and - Apple Pie

I believe in God!

I think a lot of people believe in God. I don't care if they believe in my god or something different - it is just nice to know they believe in something. If you think God lives in your fridge - that is great. That is where I find my socks sometimes but I can relate to that.

I am not religious but I do believe in Religion.

Religion does not have a very good track record when it comes to being abused by those in power.  This is a "necessary evil" as the good of Religion outweighs the bad - in my humble opinion.  The downside ... Religions make you feel guilty about life so that you will support them and make them stronger. The upside ... Religions teach a good set of rules to live by and we as hunman beings need that.  They are like "God's Used Car Dealers".

Am I cynical? - I don't think so. My friends tell me I am more anal than cynical. But then - what do they know.

Eventually, I will tell you about my God. I will wait until later because I can't really deal with millions of "newly converted" right now. I need time to get my life in order before people come flocking to my church. I call it a church even though I do not allow religion - only God ... and me ... and eventually you of course.

I have been pouring over old documents from all over the world back to the beginning of time. I want to know how many people have been killed in the name of "Religion" vs other reasons. I am only part way through but it looks like a pretty high ratio. I will never kill anybody in the name of my religion. I doubt I would ever kill anybody for any reason - but definitely not because of that.

Does this bother you???  Well then just remember - It's a thin slice that doesn't have two sides :))

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