How life works - or - Has the Knowledge Tree Died ?

Slim Challenged ...

I am overweight - but like most - I do not accept responsibility for my condition. Therefore - I have researched the topic ad-nauseous and am happy to enlighten you.  And I know - if you are reading this - you do need enlightenment :)

The answer is surprisingly simple...

Q:  Why are people fat?

A: Because they eat too much.

Q: Why do people eat too much?

A: Because there is too much stress in our society.

Q: Why is there too much stress in our society?

A: Because too many people ask questions that can only be answered by God.

Q: Okay ... How do we get rid of stress?

A: Go to a funny farm. Laughter is the best stress reliever we have. Not for the one we are laughing at of course :)

There you have it - one of life's mysteries resolved!

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