"Loop Holes For Life"

The situation ...

Some guy is driving along a clear highway on a beautiful fall day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping (not that he can hear them) and he is happy.

Suddenly, a huge meteor hits his car and totally incinerates everything. He definitely does not hear the birds now. Maybe he hears the angels - I don't know.

After a time, the police show up to investigate and what is the first question they ask ?  "Did he have his seat belt on?"

Now, our boy is a barbequed rib at this point and the seat belt may have added flavour, but it would make no difference to him - the outcome would be exactly the same.

BUTT - and here is where it gets insidious - it makes a big difference to the insurance company. It probably gives them a loop hole to get out of paying anything on his policy.

Mr Charcoal has dutifully paid his premiums on time for the entire life of his policy and now that he needs what he has paid for - He gets sucked into a loop hole - kind of like an insurance black hole.

Okay - so far I am ticked but I can understand how they get away with it.

Butt, what I want to know is why there are never any loop holes on our side of the fence.

Let us say that I get into an accident and I am severely almost killed - but I manage to squeak through. Why can I not have a loop hole that lets me collect my death benefits since I was nearly dead for at least a short time. This would only seem fair to me. I would even be happy to carry on paying my premiums.

 The Conclusion ...

I think we should band together and form a new lobby group - say ... "Loop Holes For Life". If there were enough of us we could exert tremendous influence on big business to give us back some of the pie. Or at least we could put together a decent soccer team.

For just $1.09 you can join my group ... ok ... you can join for free :)

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