Night Runner

Oh what dreams we caste when we shuffle off this garlic coil!

   ...Shaky Spear, 1500 BC

As I get older (and more profound) my brain seems to do weirder and weirder things.

For example - the women of Winnipeg seem to become more beautiful every year - which delights my imagination but just frustrates the physical me. Which begs the question - Is there a "Physical Me" anymore. This can be very disturbing in my later years. Suppose I am out at the park barbequing some donuts and I discover that I am actually dreaming - but I am really at the park - and my life is just a long, long dream.

BUTT - that is not what I want to talk about right now.

I had a dream ... not like Martin but a real dream, while you sleep. Okay I did have a dream like that - but it involved girls and a beach house.

In my dream, I was running. The first few minutes were quite realistic. Everything hurt and I looked more like a crab trying to catch a bus. Butt - as the minutes rolled by - my body morphed into a much younger version of itself and soon I was running full out, stretching everything to the limit, feeling that marvellous euphoria I used to experience as a young fella. (Yes there were running shoes when I was a young fella)

It was a magic moment - until I woke up.

I had the most severe leg cramps I had ever experienced. I'm talking calves, hamstrings, and "SHINS". The pain was tremendous but I had to laugh. I have never had a cramp in my shins. How do you stretch that one out? A couple of glasses of red wine and the problem was solved - I did not care anymoe.

So - why am I telling you this ???

Because, not only am I old, I am bored. So I write this drivel (the journal of a life gone bad) so that I can check it in my sleep in case - my life really is a dream ... which begs the question .... what if it turns into a night mare??? Will I have a saddle or will it be bareback forever?

Sleep well my children ....

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