Don't Worry - Be Happy !

Further to my thoughts on "Believe" ...

The unbelievable amount of feedback this concept has generated has one main over-riding theme.

How do I determine what to believe in???

This is definitely a big one. It took me years to figure out this was even a question - let alone get an answer.

SO - I have decided to form a "Union" of folks who want to find their answer and therefore lead a life of pleasant acceptance for their time on earth. NOT that I am saying you leave the earth when you pass on. I believe I will not but you have to figure out your own belief.

Now, like all great unions - mine will have a catch phrase that ties everything together and keeps our objectives out there for all to see. Remember ... what you believe is not as important  as actually believing in something.  That is what can give you "piece of mind" on our little journey.

Therefore - My union's catch phrase will be ...


Let the leaves fall where they may - don't sweat the small stuff - don't worry, be happy.  Achieve that state of mind and you will enrich your life. Therefore ... I invite you to join

 "The So Be It Union"

Meetings will be held on the 7th Monday of each month.

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